Australia Wide Tenant Check

Attention all Private Landlords! Avoid Red Flag Tenants by Making sure they are not Blacklisted, Filed for Bankruptcy or had Criminal or Credit Offenses

We seach the two major tenant databases for you including: 1) Veda's - National Tenancy Database (NTD) which provides past 3 years of blacklisted tenants and last 10 years of credit and court offences

2) TICA - The Old School Real Estate Database which has been around for many years which provides a secondary database of the last 3 years of blacklisted tenants accross Australia

only $49 

...for checking both major databases (not all real estate agents use both) *Note: 1 order is required per tenant - ask for discount on the second - email our team at

visa credit card
mastercard credit card
american express credit card

**Don't let your Rental Property end up on 'A Current Affair' News 

There are smart tenants out there who know how to play the system, and they go from propery from property never paying a cent. Don't end up with one of these red flag tenants. Save yourself the heartache of property damage, rental arrears and countless court cases trying to get your money back of tenants who never intend to pay you back. 


Why put off searching your tenants each time before you sign a lease with them? 

Put your mind at ease by making sure they aren't tenants who know how to play the system